Sanjay Dharwadker is a writer of fiction and non-fiction.

Born in Naya Nangal, Punjab and educated at schools in Delhi and Jaipur, he has a master’s degree in pure mathematics from BITS Pilani Rajasthan. Thereafter his career has spanned three continents working sometimes as a technical expert and sometimes as a salesman for computer software, semi-conductors and biometrics. He lived in Delhi and then Johannesburg and is currently based at Utrecht in the Netherlands, where he lives with his partner Kippy.

Besides literary fiction he writes about other books, travel, histories from the postcolonial south, as well as identity in the contemporary world, technology and society – in short, about everything.

He travels extensively and enjoys a good game of Bridge.


  1. Congratulations, Sanjay! Proud of you.

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  2. Eagerly awaiting your next gem

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  3. Congratulations

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